If you ask my friends and family they will tell you I am a gear whore, I can try and deny it but in the end it's true.  I buy the newest, hottest item and then get the next best things as soon as it comes out.  It's an addiction, I recognize it and it's not going to change.  This page is my current list of equipment that I am using.  Full disclosure: these are linked to Amazon where if you buy that item I receive an affiliate payment for it.  Remember that list item where I am trying to make money as a photographer?  Well this is part of it.  That being said I will give you my full, honest opinion of each piece of gear that I am using.  I won't put anything up that I don't like/use actively.  If I do happen to put up something I don't like I will annotate it in the notes.  




I recently made the switch from Canon to Sony and I couldn't be happier.  I was using the Canon 5D Mark IV and I switched to the Sony A7RIII.  I made the switch after using the a6500 on a trip and absolutely loving it. The user interface, low light capabilities and pretty much everything else about the camera blows Canon out of the water... In my opinion anyways.  

Sony a6500

I replaced my Canon 7D Mark II with the a6500.  I made the switch after purchasing the Sony for use as a travel camera.  I pair this with a Zeiss 16-70mm lens and use it as a compact camera when space or weight is an issue.  Some of the best shots I have ever taken have been on this great little camera.   

This is my go-to lens for wide angle shots.  It offers super fast focus and the 2.8 aperture allows me to work under a lot of different light settings.  

This is hands down my most used lens and the one I take if I can only bring one lens.  Like the 16-35mm it offers a very fast aperture.  The 24mm covers a large majority of needs for anything wide, while the 70mm helps get me a little closer for zoomed in shots.  On top of that it's just a great lens that offers amazing clarity. 

The lens ball is basically a big round clear ball.  I use this one a lot because it's inexpensive and makes a shot that would normally be boring turn into something really interesting.  It's a great addition to a camera bag and will help you change things up a little bit.  

This is the foundation for the Lee Filters ND kit that I use and is perfect for any high contrast light conditions (such as a sunset or bright day).  The great thing about these filters is that they can be stacked making for some very cool long exposure day-time shots.  

This is the Lee Filter ND set that ties into the Lee Filter Foundation Set above.  This pack comes with three separate filters that can be used on their own or stacked together.

This filter is designed to give you the ability to have long, daylight exposure.  The filter reduces your image by 10 stops.  This is only really good for use with a tripod for shots where you want smooth water or long wispy clouds.

If you don't have a UV filter on your lenses, stop what you're doing and go buy one now.  Basically this just puts a layer of protection onto your lenses.  I can say I have gone through a number of these already and they are a lot easier to replace than an actual lens.  

DJI Phantom 4 Pro +

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro + is DJI's upper level hobby drone.  It's a good drone to get started with and prior to purchasing I had no knowledge on drone photography or how to fly a drone.  The safe user settings allow you to slowly advance with the drone without risk of crashing it (which I managed to already do somehow).  For about $2,000 you will be ready to capture some pretty incredible imagery.

On a side note if you want to sell your drone photography or incorporate it into business ensure you get your drone pilot's license.  I just completed this and I will write an article about it later.

My family got me this case for Christmas last year and it's been a good travel companion.  I have the option with the padded dividers and it's enough to hold my lenses, all three cameras and accessories.  I use it mainly when traveling to different locations and it's best asset is that it can fit in most carry on bins.   

I bought this light before doing a photoshoot for my company.  The light sits on-top of your camera and offers close up lighting.  One of the best features of the light is that it allows you to adjust both the brightness and the warmth of the light.  It also comes with a number of filters to help change the light to meet your needs.

I use this light a lot in low-light and indoor conditions.  I tend to use it a lot because my flash skills are still lacking and it's an easy cheat. 

I will admit that I tend to go through a lot of tripods.  So far this one has held up fairly well.  I purchased it before my trip to Fiji and Australia and it was an easy travel tripod that offered me everything I could need during the trip.  It does travel well and thus far hasn't broken down.  That being said I was not a fan of the head unit that comes with it and I ended up replacing it for the Manfrotto Light Joystick Head Unit.  

This little guy takes your selfie/iPhone video game to a whole new level.  Basically it makes it so you can shoot stable video using your iPhone.  We use it for Facebook Live videos to keep our video from looking like the Blair Witch Project.  

When you travel internationally trying to get all your camera gear charged can be difficult, especially when you only have one outlet in your hotel room.  This allows me to charge multiple devices, to include my iPhone at once.  I only recently purchased this but I wish I had it earlier for some of my past trips.

I purchased this awhile ago for a company photoshoot we did.  We were going to be out in the middle of nowhere, during the winter, with no ability to recharge our equipment other than from the car.  I have used it a few times since and it's great for when you're going to be away from a plug for a prolonged period of time.  It's certainly a little pricey but very worth the money. 

When you're out running a photoshoot or just happily snapping away you will want the ability to charge your extra batteries quickly.  Just like the battery charger above I bought this for a photoshoot because we had back to back days of shooting and I didn't have time to monitor the single battery pack at night.