So here's the thing, I want to be a professional photographer.  I'm not sure what that looks like but I am guessing it's when people starting paying me for my work.  

On my road to becoming a professional photographer I want to take a wide variety of photos (crazy I know), so, I have created a bucket-list of photos that I want to get as I continue to hone my skills.  This site is designed to be my sounding board as I fumble my way through the photographic world as well as a place to showcase my work and education.  

I was born in Denver, CO and grew up watching my father, a professional photographer and pilot, capture the world in a way that I have only recently been able to appreciate.  While I always enjoyed photography from a young age, it wasn't until recently that I made it a hobby and passion.  In 2011 I started a retail business where I was forced to take product shots.  I soon realized the better the shots, the more product we sold and out of necessity I began to learn how to capture compelling images.  Necessity soon bred addiction and I now find myself immersed in the world of photography.  


1. All photos on here are taken by me, unless otherwise specified

2. If you think my writing sucks, I'm sorry, this is not a blog about me becoming a writer.  If you think my photography sucks then don't worry, you're probably not alone and that's why I am putting together this blog.  

3. If you would like to post any of my photos please do me a solid and contact me first.  I am all about having people repost my stuff, but don't be a tool bag about it and just steal it for your personal Instagram/reddit account.  If you do and I find it, I will write an entire blog about how big of a douche canoe you are.  

4. I don't mention the name of the business I run, I just talk about experiences I have with it that pertain to photography.  The reason is that this blog isn't designed to promote my other business it's to focus on photography. 

5. If you think my photos are cool enough to buy let me know and I can sell you a print.  I don't have a web-store set up yet but it's in the works. 

6. Crunchy peanut-butter is superior to creamy peanut-butter, end of argument. 

7.  I talk a lot of shit in here and I'm a smart-ass, it's just who I am, if you don't like it let me know in the comments so I can talk shit to you. 

Thanks for reading!